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Since 2016, Dyer Royce has been manufacturing furniture for a variety of commercial enterprises from hotels to restaurants to universities. We build our furniture with locally sourced materials from the ground up in our 30,000 square-foot factory in Dandridge, Tennessee. We are proud to be an American furniture company providing high-quality, long-lasting products. 


We offer furniture that is engineered, sourced, and built in the United States with top-of-the-line expertise and machinery. Our factory allows us to have manufacturing flexibility and to work with a variety of materials. Additionally, we have a full-finishing line using catalyzed lacquer and the capability to custom color match. Along with the machine and assembly of the furniture, our facility houses a department dedicated to upholstery.


We strive to give our customers the best price possible for their project in order to meet budget parameters without compromising on quality expectations. Prior to shipment from our facility, we ensure that all items are packed to prevent damage during transit to your destination.

We welcome designers, dealers, contractors, and end-users to visit our facility to witness how we build affordable and high-quality furniture in America. Let Dyer Royce help you and your business succeed!

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